Bikepacking Series - Stem Bag

aka Feed Bag

Pattern and Materials

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  • Sturdy body fabric such as Cordura 500d, XPAC VX21, or Waxed Canvas
  • Lightweight lining fabric. Bright and waterproof. Silnylon or PU Coated Ripstop.
  • Optional: fun patterned fabric for front of pack, cotton or stretchy work well
  • 0.75" nylon webbing, cord, and hardware such as Cyberian CordLoc and/or drawcord toggles
  • 0.75" velcro straps for attaching to bike. Sew your own or Velcro One-Wrap.

Assembly Instructions

Pattern Prep


    Choose your own adventure...

  1. Download the pattern and prepare per the included instructions.
  2. Or...
  3. Modify the pattern with your own custom size by using the Stuff Sack generator.

Body Front

  1. Cut mesh the desired height of the front panel, width to match.
  2. Edge bind apppropriately, zig zag stitch if stretchy mesh.
  3. Baste stitch mesh to front panel to form the pocket.
  4. Set aside front panel.

Body Back

  1. Cut 0.75" webbing to match the length of back panel. Melt ends to prevent fraying.
  2. Mark parallel line approximately 2" (5 cm) from top edge of back panel.
  3. Sew webbing to back panel at 1" (2.5 cm) increments with tight zig zags or 3-4 parallel stithes.
  4. Set aside back panel.

Bottom Panel

  1. Cut 0.75" webbing to match the diameter of bottom panel. Melt ends to prevent fraying.
  2. Align webbing along middle of bottom panel.
  3. Sew webbing to bottom panel at ~1" (2.5 cm) increments, evenly space.
  4. Set aside bottom panel.

Cinch Cord Collar

  1. Single fold and hem end. Match other end.
  2. Fold in half along length, right side out and press to crease.
  3. Starting 3 cm from end, top stitch along bottom edge. Mark free end "B".
  4. Set aside cinch collar.

Pre-Assembly - Body

  1. Wrong sides out, arrange back panel to front panel. Webbing daisy chain should be along top.
  2. Sew along right side edge with 3/8" (1 cm) seam allowance.
  3. Stop short at bottom by 1 cm allowing for bottom panel seam allowance.
  4. Double check your front pocket and webbing are oriented correctly in relation to each other.

Sewing the Round Bottom

  1. Contrary to many online tutorials, it's better to sew the circle now to avoid puckering later.
  2. This is by far the toughest part of the project, so take your time. A short stitch length makes sewing curves easier.
  3. With right sides touching, arrange the bottom panel's webbing parallel to the body's bottom edge.
  4. The bottom of the circle should be touching the bottom edge of the body panel.
  5. Starting at the unsewn body vertical seam, follow your circle's seam allowance as you sew.
  6. Go slow, use a short stitch length. Make sure the edges are even as you progress.
  7. As you reach your starting point, stop short before stitching over the body panels vertical seam allowance.

Close the Body

  1. Because we stitched the circle first, the vertical seam allowances may be a bit uneven. No worries!
  2. Press your bag flat against a table with the open seam along an edge.
  3. Adjust the mating panels seam allowances to match the remaining circumference of the bottom panel.
  4. Sew the body seam closed. Then stitch the remaining of the bottom panel.

Flip the body right side out and correct any puckering or misalignment.

Attach Cinch Collar

  1. With your bag body right side out, align the collar around the top perimeter.
  2. Start collar at sewn end. Finish stitching at end "B", marked previously.
  3. Stitch the collar to the body. Go slow to prevent catching the opposite side of bag.
  4. Add Cyberian Cord Loc at desired location.
  5. Overlap "B" end over starting point and secure.


flip front
  1. Following similar steps as above sew the liner body to the liner bottom.
  2. Along the vertical seam, leave a 3" (8 cm) gap to be closed after flipping the bag.

Liner Assembly

flip front
  1. Slide body with collar inside the assembled liner. Right sides touching. Liner wrong side out.
  2. Align and clip liner along top perimeter. Sew along perimeter.
  3. Flip entire bag thru gap in liner vertical seam. Fold under, smooth, and top stitch liner closed.

Congrats, the sewing assembly is complete!

Final Touches

flip front
  1. Cut velcro straps or One-Wrap to fit around handlebars and stem.
  2. Add draw cord thru channel. Small bungee works great as well.
  3. If desired, loop cord with a toggle thru the bottom panel webbing and around the bike fork.

Great job, go for a ride and make another Stem Bag for a friend.
For another bikepacking project, make your own Top Tube Snack Bag!

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